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You have wanted to publish your book, manuscripts, poems, short stories and fictional books for many years now! You have dreamed and dreamed about it. Now all the dreams is over. You will be published. Yes, we mean it. No matter where you are in the world, we are here to help you the "author". We will make it happen. So pull out your chair and gathers some more thoughts, send it to us and we do the rest.

Now, keep in mindm we have to discuss with you or you can even write us at Someone will respond to your e-mail and give you the details. Remember, our goal is to ensure you are published at the barerest minimal cost. . What is holding you back? Indexing? Editing? Book Cover design? Copyright process?  ISBN number? Whatever it is we will find the answers for you at a moderate cost. We live by our name – Author-Assist. Call 877.542-1212 or write to find out. We are here to assist you.


SERVICES offers and provides services for all writers.
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We provide many resources for Authors, writers and publishers.
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Here is the latest news and events. Please take a look and plan to attend.
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A place where writiers can express themselves and get feedback from their peers.


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