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You have heard of many celebrities that publish a book. Most often announce that they engaged a ghost-writer.

 The ghost-writer will meet with you face-to-face, listen to your story, and record your story in a book format. Sometimes you never meet. It is over the phone and he writes and record all you wanted to be recorded. Perhaps you want to send to the ghost-writer all your recordings for conversion to a text, that is a choice as well.
                Now here are our average prices.

Ghostwriting $400 Deposit

Face-to-Face meetings - $40/hr x 8hr/day (also travel cost)

Over the phone - $30/hr
Send recordings - $22/hr


A deposit of $400 will be required. Once you drawn down the money through use to $50.00, the remainder will be used to ship back your materials. Additional deposit will be required as the work continues. The quality of work you get depends on the choice you make. Email or call us when you are ready.

Call 877.542.1212 or e-mail us at helper@author-assist.com



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